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So, I think I'm starting a story that may evolve into a book-sized project eventually, but for now it's just something I'm doing for fun.

I realize that the character is totally, blatantly, cliche-ly (if that word exists) me, but I really don't care. It's artistic liscence or whatever =P There aren't any other real-life people or situations represented and I'm not entirely sure if there will be. I'm just using myself as one of the characters because it's easiest for me to relate that way. And keep in mind, it's an exaggerated version of myself. Massively exaggerated.


Eli pushed the up button of the elevator and brushed the small piles of snow off of his shoulders and tried to de-fog his glasses as he waited for the doors to open. It had been a long hard day of classes and his backpack was heavy-laden with books. He sighed as the bell dinged and the doors slid open. He was about to step into the elevator when he looked into the small room and realized that he was not alone. Eli jumped in surprise.

There in the elevator, stood a girl with shoulder-length hair and stunning blue eyes wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and bunny slippers while holding a laundry basket on her hip. She tilted her head to the left a little, smiled sweetly and asked;


Eli stepped into the elevator and looked down at his brown Doc Martens that were wet and slippery with snow.

“Um, nine.” He stuttered.

The girl pushed the button for the ninth floor, the “door close” button, and put her hand back on her laundry basket.

An uneasy and nervous silence set in. Eli nervously ruffled his own unruly brown hair to rid it of the snow that had gathered there on his walk back to the dorm and he glanced down into the girl’s laundry basket. Neatly folded on the top of the pile of clothes was a “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” movie shirt.

“Do you like Tolkien’s stuff?” He asked her. The girl looked at him and giggled.

“I love it. Pelin pedi i lam edhellen.” She replied.

“Pella-what?” Eli asked, looking at her with an extremely confused expression on his face.

“I speak Elvish.” She translated as if it were nothing strange at all.

“Ooh,” Eli laughed, as if to suggest he knew exactly what was going on.

“Have you read his books, or have you just seen the movies?” The girl asked.

“Both.” Eli replied.

“Awesome!” The girl said.

Just then, the elevator dinged, signaling the end of Eli’s ride. He sighed and stepped off as the doors slid open again.

“So you live on tenth?” Eli asked. The girl in the elevator nodded. “What’s your name?” he asked.

“Chantelle.” She said sweetly.

“I’m Eli.” He said as the doors began to close.

Chantelle waved and Eli stood there as the doors closed, watching her blue eyes as they sparkled sincerely in the florescent glow of the elevator lights. When the door was finally closed and he heard the elevator move on, Eli wondered if he’d ever meet the girl again and he walked around the corner to his room.

The door was unlocked – he knew his roommate, Rob, was there and quite possibly getting intimate with his girlfriend. The two roommates had a code for that sort of thing, but Eli knew better than to assume that Rob would always remember to write it on the whiteboard. He had found out the hard way a few times.

Eli kicked the door a little before letting himself in. When he opened the door he saw that his announcement wasn’t nessecary – Rob was typing away on his laptop as his girlfriend, Anna, was reading a history book and going over its text with a highlighter. Rob looked as though he had skipped class again. His short black hair was mussed about his head and was not gelled and spiked like it usually was. He was wearing a pair of green plaid pajama pants and an Ungrateful Dead shirt. Anna, in contrast, was neatly dressed in her usual jeans and a neat button-down shirt. Her long blonde hair was cascading about her face, getting in the way of her reading.

“Hey Eli,” Anna greeted pleasantly.

“Hey,” Grunted Rob, hardly aware that his roommate had entered the room. He seemed rather engrossed in what he was doing.

“Howdy.” Eli replied to the pair as he put his backpack down and hung up his coat on the suction-cup hooks that were suctioned to the back of the door.

“Say, Anna?” Eli asked, turning to his roommate’s girlfriend.

“Hm?” she replied, not looking up from her book.

“You live upstairs, right? Do you know a girl named Chantelle?” he asked.

Momentarily, Anna looked up and raised an eyebrow as she looked at the ceiling, as if she were going to find an answer there. She pursed her lips, and then looked back at Eli.

“I know of an Elle who lives upstairs. Red hair, funky clothes, bunny slippers?” she replied.

“That’d be her. Sans the funky clothes part, she was in sweats when I saw her.” Eli said.

“Why do you ask?” Anna asked.

“I met her in the elevator today when I came back from class. I was just wondering what you knew about her.”

Anna smiled deviously. “Interested, are you?” She asked.

Eli rolled his eyes and snorted as he sat down on his bed to take off his shoes. “Not in the way you’re thinking, I’m not.”

“Oh whatever,” Anna teased. “but anyway, she’s kind of a weird one, that’s for sure. Her roommate transferred schools last minute, so she doesn’t have a roommate. I think she lives right above you guys.”

“That would explain why it’s so freaking quiet up there.” Rob interjected. Anna glanced at her boyfriend, and then continued.

“She seems to be really into art and music and books and nerdy stuff like that and she dresses really funky most of the time. She’s got a boyfriend. He’s kind of a scary guy, I don’t know why she dates him.”

“Who’s she dating?” Eli asked.

“Some local guy. I think his name’s Benny, or something. He’s really tall and buff and scary looking. They seem so opposite, I honestly don’t know what she sees in him.” Anna explained, looking back at her book and running her yellow highlighter across the page again.

“Hmm.” Eli replied as he took off his shoes and reached for his guitar case that was perched in the corner next to his bed. He extracted it and began to pluck away at the strings. The conversation ended and the music took over.
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