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Definitely time to bring in some more top ten lists. For these next few Cami has joined in for the "sex" top ten lists....oh yes. They are very great...

Top Ten Actors to Make Sweet Sweet Tantric Love To
1. Christian Bale (Because he's beautiful. Umm...Batman Begins? Hello?!!!! Definitely in touch with his tantric, spiritual side.)
2. Johnny Depp (He makes weird guys look sexy. i.e. Sleepy Hollow, Pirates, and everything else he's ever done.)
3. Ryan Gosling (Watch The Notebook! Just do it.)
4. Joshua Jackson (He is an indie god. Yummylicious!)
5. Micheal Vartan (He makes me want to see a J.Lo movie just to catch a glimpse.)
6. Ewan McGregor (He can sing. He can act. He can dance. No more words are necessary.)
7. Tom Welling (If he lifts tractors, HELL YES!!!!)
8. Ben Affleck (He seems so down to earth like he would just make the sweetest love to you...sigh.)
9. Keanu Reeves (He doesn't rush into things too quickly. He'd do you right. And treat you right afterwards!)
10. Ryan Phillipe (He's dark and mysterious and has a great ass. All admirable qualities for a tantric lover.)

Top Ten Actors to Have Wild Pig Sex With
1. Bam Margera (Because he's Bam.)
2. Ryan Reynolds (Because!)
3. Matthew McConaughey (He can play my bongos anytime! And with that southern charm...ho dang!)
4. Johnny Knoxville (He's an idiot but he's got to be good at hot, hot sex! I mean, come on!)
5. Will Smith (Give me some of that dark chocolate lovin'!)
6. Paul Walker (He's fast and he's furious!)
7. Nicholas Brenden ('Cause fighting vampires is hot!)
8. Brad Pitt (Any guy who looks hot in a skirt is fine by me!)
9. The Coreys (Back in the day, they were mighty fine!)
10. Colin Ferrel (Very knowledgeable and practiced, however, very high risk of infection.)

Top Ten Fictional Characters You'd Like to F***
1. Bruce Wayne/Batman (It's a two for one special...BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! With this special offer, you get lots of new-fangled gadgets to play with!!!!)
2. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I'd let him do me in a graveyard, in a secret underground lair, and we'd totally bring down the house!)
3. Jack Sparrow (I'm sure I deserve that!!!!)
4. Aragorn (In ROTK, he has a BIG sword!!)
5. Micheal from Roswell (As an alien, he is well-versed in the more exotic and unusual aspects of sexual intercourse. And that's just hot!)
6. Pacey from Dawson's Creek (He would listen to your problems, lay you down, and cuddle. Cuddlers are so hot! Plus, he could still throw you up against the wall too!)
7. Wolverine (Just look at him! Oh, big, hairy piece of man meat!)
8. Legolas (Elves have excellent endurance and can be in a state of sleeping and waking so he could go for quite awhile. They also seem like morning sex beings and that's a great start to any day!)
9. Fred and George Weasley (Double the pleasure! Double the fun!)
10. Rhett Butler (Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn if he's dead! He was way hot!!)

Well, that's it for tonight. Join us next week, or sometime, for some more top ten sex lists. Have a good night and sex well!!!
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