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How we're going to spend the rest of our life

So, we're currently planning our future because we're stuck in Sioux City, it's 100 freaking degrees outside, and there's NOTHING to do. Except go to the movies. And nothing's playing anyway. =P

Gwen is planning on finding a rich Grinell guy to support her for the rest of her life.
Kat currently has a boyfriend and doesn't wish to speak on the matter right now XD "Silver or Gold?" I don't know yet! XD

Live in:
- New Zealand
- London
- Rural England
- Australia
- Africa
- Ireland/Scotland
- Denmark
- Hawaii
- Canada
- Russia

- Every other place we don't live in. See the world. All seven continents (well, unless we decide that Antarctica is too cold...then it won't be graced by our presence. Stupid penguins.)
- Alaska (because it's not as cold as Antarctica .... is it? XD)
- Egypt
- Peru

We'll be living together, by the way =P

More when we think of it =)
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