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Top 10 Lord of the Rings Actors/Actresses

1.) Viggo Mortensen Fabulous performance - perfect fit for the role and no one else could have done better
2.) Andy Serkis A M A Z I N G. He pulled off this role perfectly and fufilled all the requirements of what was demanded of him for the role
3.) Ian McKellen Another fabulous performance, and what else can you say about Sir Ian?!
4.) Christopher Lee Plays an amazing bad guy. Plus, he's the ultimate Tolkien nerd. Reads it every year! Hello! Perfect!
5.) Bernard Hill Dies beautifully.
6.) Miranda Otto
7.) Sean Astin It takes a LOT to cry that much. And it's a good thing. He's only gotten better with age
8.) Liv Tyler Speaks wonderful Elvish - and even wrote a song for the ROTK EE.
9.) David Wenham Plays a wonderful angsty son, not to mention he's gorgeous as hell.
10.) Orlando Bloom Breakthrough performance. He came straight from acting school into an epic film and rocked it hardcore. Can't do much better than that. Plus he's sexy.

End of lesson 1.
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