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Us Against the World

Solving problems one at a time over lunch

Kat & Squeegy
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amusingly dumb people, art, avenue q, baking cookies, baskin robbins, beatnick music, billy boyd, billy joel, boating, books, bruising hobbit bread, calling each other, cello, cheese, cheetos, chicken, chinese food, choir, cinnamon toast crunch, clothes, coffee, coffee flavored ice cream, coffee houses, college, concerts, conspiracy theories, cookie dough, cookie dough ice cream, crying, dancing, dante's inferno, dark chocolate, david wenham, dominic monaghan, ella enchanted, elton john, enya, five for fighting, flowy skirts, fortune cookies, freaking out, free stuff, futons, halter tops, harrison ford, hating john kerry, hating madonna, hawaii, i love minas tirith, i love the 70's, i love the 80's, i love the 90's, incubus, indiana jones, indie flicks, johnny depp, josh groban, joy luck club, julius caesar, karl urban, kelly clarkson, lakes, lampshades, law and order, law and order: svu, les miserables, london, lord of the rings, low basses, lucky charms, madrigal, making fun of matt, miranda otto, miss saigon, monty python, movies, mr. towns, multiple simultaneous fireworks displays, music, musicals, olive garden, orlando bloom, peasant tops, penguins, peter jackson, phantom of the opera, photoshop, picture frames, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, queen, rachael yamagata, random information, roswell, shakespeare, shockingly good cinema, silverchair, sliding doors, soda, soft pillows, spamalot, splat, star wars, surreal life, the beatles, the notebook, the odessey, the princess bride, tom mcrae, traveling, vh1, viggo mortensen, wal-mart, wal-mart cart racing, willy wonka